Tom Hanks Talks About Working With His Son in “A Man Called Otto”

Tom Hanks is an Academy Award-winning actor known for his roles in such films as “Forrest Gump,” “Philadelphia,” and “Castaway.” His latest project, “A Man Called Otto,” is now playing in select theaters and will be released everywhere this Friday. In a recent interview, Hanks discussed his experience working with his son on the film and touched upon his early acting days and how home video has impacted his career.

Working With His Son

Hanks shares that working with his son on “A Man Called Otto” was a great experience. He noted that despite only having two children, he’s already learned a new language and can easily learn to drive – pointing out that there are plenty of complete idiots who have managed it.

Early Acting Days

The actor reminisced about the VHS era when movies had to land on specific channels, often edited for commercials. He also recalled watching “The Maltese Falcon” which was just 47 minutes long due to entire storylines being cut out.

Impact of Home Video

Hanks expressed gratitude to home video for familiarizing audiences with his work; noting how easy it was to watch certain films 15, 20 or even 30 times. This increased comfort level helped launch him into stardom and he believes it’s what made him successful today.


Tom Hanks is thrilled about the release of “A Man Called Otto” and is grateful for the impact home video has had on his career thus far. In addition to discussing the film, he joked about winning the Powerball lottery and shared enthusiasm for The Strokes music group during the interview session.

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What is the name of the new film Tom Hanks stars in?

The new film is called "A Man Called Otto."

When will "A Man Called Otto" be released in theaters?

The film is in select theaters now and will be playing everywhere this Friday.

What was Tom Hanks' experience like working with his son in the film?

Tom Hanks shares that working with his son in "A Man Called Otto" was a great experience.

How does Tom Hanks feel about the VHS era?

Tom Hanks remembers the VHS era as a good time to get started and believes that it was a good era for movies.

How does Tom Hanks credit home video for his career?

Tom Hanks believes that between VHS machines and DVDs, audiences grew up with him one way or another, and credits home video for the familiarity of his films with audiences.


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