Toyota Unveils New Hilux GR Sport in Australia

The All-New Toyota Hilux GR Sport: Ready to Take On Any Challenge

Toyota’s newest release, the Hilux GR Sport, is a Dakar inspired powerhouse that is sure to revolutionize Australia’s off-roading scene. With an improved engine and chassis design, this model will be available in showrooms come the second half of 2021. Let’s take a look at what makes this truck so great!

Power & Performance

At its heart lies a 2.8 liter turbodiesel engine with 221 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque – one of the most powerful outputs ever achieved by a Hilux yet! Its 6-speed automatic transmission has been tuned for sportier shifts; paddle shifters come as standard features.

Off Road Capabilities Improved

Front axle width on the new GR Sport is 5.5 inches wider than normal models and rear axle width has been increased by 6.1 inches for greater stability when navigating any kind of terrain or obstacles. Monotube dampers, stiffer coil springs, redesigned wishbones and reinforced axles have all been implemented to improve durability during off road adventures; disc brakes are larger sized for better efficiency as well. Red recovery tow hooks add an extra bit of flair too!

Dimensions & Appearance

The new Sport stands out from other models with taller wheel arches clad in black cladding (2.6in) and widened profile (up 4.7in). That said it remains smaller than US market Tacoma TRD Pros which measure 209 – 79 – 74 respectively while this model comes in at 209 – 79 – 74 (L x W x H). Aggressive grilles at both front and rear give it an intimidating stance coupled with fog lamp housings altered to match body style plus bash plates replace factory skid plates adding even more charm both functionally and aesthetically speaking 17 inch black alloy wheels wrapped in AT tires top things off nicely here giving it added ruggedness where needed .

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Interior & Features

Inside you’ll find just about everything found on regular Hilux model including but not limited 8″ touchscreen infotainment systems dual zone climate control power driver’s seat aluminum pedals etc albeit dressed up in all black motif featuring red stitched upholstery seatbelts silver accents throughout plus GR branding on headrests/steering wheel garnish gives it unique touch collectors can appreciate .

Pricing & Availability

No local pricing released as yet though expect premium over current $70200 flagship given upgraded specs . The brand new Hilux GR Sports definitely be worth wait when finally hits showroom floors later part 2021 !

What is the Toyota Hilux GR Sport?

The Toyota Hilux GR Sport is a new flagship edition of the Toyota Hilux, which is a pickup truck. The GR Sport edition comes with Dakar-inspired aesthetics, a more powerful diesel engine, and a variety of chassis changes designed to boost handling and off-road capabilities.

What engine powers the Toyota Hilux GR Sport?

The Toyota Hilux GR Sport is powered by a 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine, which delivers 221 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque. This engine is the most torque-producing diesel engine in Hilux history.

What are some of the off-road capabilities of the Toyota Hilux GR Sport?

The Toyota Hilux GR Sport has increased track widths, off-road spec suspension with monotube dampers and stiffer coil springs, and redesigned wishbones to take off-road beatings more seriously. It also comes with a reinforced rear axle, larger-sized disc brakes and skid plates, rock rails, and red-colored recovery tow hooks.

What are some of the visual upgrades on the Toyota Hilux GR Sport?

The Toyota Hilux GR Sport has a number of visual upgrades that make it appear more aggressive than the original Hilux, including an aggressive-looking grille at the front, revised fog lamp housings, a heavier and more purposeful-looking silver skid plate, and a large bash plate underneath the engine. The model also features new 17-inch black alloy wheels with stock all-terrain tires and black cladding over the wheel arches and lower corners of the front and rear bumpers.

What is the expected pricing for the Toyota Hilux GR Sport?

The local pricing has not been disclosed yet, but aficionados of this beast should expect to pay more than $70,200 for Toyota's current top-of-the-line model.


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