Trends of Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have greatly impacted the today’s fashion and designing world. Simply put, these are jackets or coats worn on top of other wears. They are usually made of animals’ tanned hides. The leather usually occur in black color or brown but today, you can find them in virtually any color you want. There are multiple design styles and purposes available for leather jackets. The design styles are reflective of the purposes for which the jacket is designed. 

Uses of Leather Jacket

  • Leather jacket is basically used for protection purposes. This jacket type is used among many subcultures such as greasers, military aviators, motorcyclists, police, musicians and so forth for protection purposes. This is largely because of the features of this jacket.
  • Besides leather jackets can be worn by the aforementioned subculture for fashion purposes. They are very fashionable clothing which look quite exceptional and exquisite in appearance. This is largely the reason why celebrities and those in the music subculture wear this jacket.
  • Some people also wear leather jackets to have intimidating appearance.

Materials used in producing Leather Jackets

As mentioned earlier, leather jackets are usually produced with tanned hides from animal’s skins. These are usually hides left over from the meat industry. However, they can also be produced with polyvinyl chlorides or polyurethane as well as other fabrics stimulating leather. These chemicals are used in producing leather jackets worn by vegans and for various other purposes.

  • Vegans who deem it wrong to use animal products prefer leather jackets produced with fabrics stimulating leathers such as PVC and so forth.
  • Leather jackets produced with such chemicals are cheaper than those produced with tanned hides from animal’s skins. Thus, people wear such leather jackets for economic reasons.

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Processes involved in producing the hides for leather jackets

The authentic hides used in making leather jackets are usually buckskin, antelope, lambskin, sheepskin and cowhides. The processes involved in the production are quite simple and are as follows.

  • The skin is extracted from the animal at the meat processing plant.
  • The extracted skin is refrigerated, salted, and put into large quantity of brine.
  • The hides are softened and preserved in the tannery.
  • The skin is then sewed, threaded and fitted with button, zippers and some other fashionable items so as to produce the desired clothing and fashionable item.

Although the processes of producing the various leather jackets from authentic hides are basically the same, there are some differences between leather jackets produced for various reasons. For instance, leather jackets produced for protection purposes are not the same with those produced for fashionable purposes. Those produced for protection purposes are usually heavier and also thicker than those produced for fashion purposes. As a matter of fact, leather jackets produced for fashion purposes will not be usable for protection purposes. Fashionable leather jackets also tend to be pricier than those produced for other purposes. Protection leather jackets also come with some other features and designs which are strategically placed to ensure that they protect the various parts of the body. You can easily shop the best quality leather dresses online from different retail stores available over the internet. This is possible from anywhere in the world even from the comfort of your couch.

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