Twitter privacy and security staffers leave company amid concerns over legal risks

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ABC News got a message from inside the company that said that several members of Twitter’s top privacy and security team had quit their jobs.

Several of these individuals, including Damien Kieran, who is the chief privacy officer; Marianne Fogarty, who is the chief compliance officer; and Lea Kissner, who is the chief information officer, were named in the message.

Elon Musk’s privacy team lawyer quits in protest

This morning, shortly after sunrise, Kissner announced on Twitter that they were quitting their jobs. ABC has contacted everyone in the industry for their thoughts, but no one has provided a response as of yet.

A member of Twitter’s privacy team, a lawyer, posted the message on the company’s Slack, where it was visible to all employees.

The attorney wrote a letter to his coworkers in which he said, “Over the past two weeks, Elon has shown that the only thing he cares about is making up for the money he’s losing because he can’t get out of his contract to buy Twitter,” referring to the fact that Elon is unable to terminate his agreement to purchase Twitter.

The Verge was the first to write about the lawyer’s message.

After stating that he wouldn’t allow people to work from home and would instead demand that everyone work a full 40 hours per week, Musk prompted the sending of the message.

The attorney informed the more than 2,000 people who were participating in the conversation in the Slack channel that this constitutes a “fundamental change to our employment contracts.” Because I use Twitter, I no longer have the impression that I need to go back to work.

What has Musk’s decision to purchase Twitter caused?

The lawyer made it very clear that they couldn’t do that without giving notice first.

The attorney for Twitter stated, in reference to Musk’s decision to purchase Twitter, that “he chose to enter into that agreement.” As a result of what he had done, he stated that “we are all going through this.”

The Twitter lawyer has just informed his or her coworkers that they are free to use any and all of the vacation time they have accumulated in the past. “It’s possible that today would be a good day to take a break and get some much-needed rest,” they had written.

This Twitter lawyer went on to say that Musk didn’t seem to care about any possible legal consequences.

The attorney discussed the agreement that Twitter reached with the FTC back in May.

The business had been sending targeted advertisements to the phone numbers and email addresses that were only supposed to be used for multi-factor authentication logins.

In addition to a $150 million fine, the Federal Trade Commission gave Twitter a list of rules to follow.

If Twitter violates the terms of the FTC agreement, the attorney has warned in a Slack message that the company could face a fine of up to one billion dollars.

Elon Musk Willing to Take On Huge Risk for SpaceX

In spite of this, the attorney claims in the message that they overheard Alex Spiro, Musk’s lawyer and the current head of legal for Twitter, saying the following:

“Elon is willing to take on a huge amount of risk related to this company and its users, because “Elon sends rockets into space, he’s not afraid of the FTC.”

Twitter’s legal team has reportedly asked engineers to “self-certify” that the company is adhering to FTC rules and other privacy laws, as stated in a message sent by the company attorney.

According to what they said, “This will put engineers in a great deal of personal, professional, and legal danger.” I am aware that management will apply pressure to each and every one of you to make adjustments that have the potential to result in major accidents.

Concerned about the current situation at Twitter, we have a lot of questions. Someone from the FTC shared this information with ABC News. Our consent decrees are important for businesses to follow, and no CEO or company is above the law.

We now have new ways to make sure that people adhere to the consent order, and we intend to put those new ways into use. This is because the consent order was modified.

At the end of the letter, they stated, “It has been our pleasure to work with each and every one of you.” Today is one of my days off, so I won’t be in the office.

The request for a comment from ABC News has not been met with a response from Twitter as of yet.