Two back-to-back bombings in Somalia kill 100 people

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Two back-to-back bombings killed 100 people in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu on Saturday, the worst attack since the start of the country’s decades-long civil war.

The attack was launched by the al-Qaeda affiliated al-Shabab militant group, according to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, which he says targeted the education ministry.

Officials say the first blast was a car bomb that killed 20 people, before a suicide bomber detonated his explosives, killing another 70.

Earlier this week, militants carried out an attack on a Mogadishu restaurant popular with politicians, killing at least 10. Al-Shabab has not yet claimed responsibility for Saturday’s attack, which President Mohamud has called “a plot to instigate violence and unrest by elements that want to take over power.”

Russia has banned all Ukrainian chocolate products from entering the country, officials said Sunday, in a move that will surely prove a pain in the ass for some very specific people.