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Download printable two-weeks notice resignation letters. Whether you’re leaving your employer on good terms, it’s proper protocol to submit a letter of resignation. You might be tempted to quickly write your resignation letter.

Are you planning on quitting your current job? Changing jobs is not uncommon and everyone has to go through it at least once in a lifetime. It happens so often that we face a moment in our lives when we have to settle for the option of leaving one workplace and transferring to a better one.

Generally speaking, there are two most common reasons why one may choose to quit their job:

  1. Having found a better job
  2. Conditions at current job are not good

Two Weeks Notice Letter Templates

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When leaving a work spot, you must find a good reason and a way to do this. Many job contracts nowadays include two- week notice and we are often faced to the responsibility of writing a formal letter of resignation as a result.

A two weeks’ notice letter should not be seen as an indirect, cowardice way of quitting a job. This letter is just a formal way of informing an employer about the intentions you have about your place at their company. Actually, you may even choose to share the news face-to-face with the employer. After that, the letter is only a formality.

We have prepared a list of things you should do when quitting your job

Plan Your Resignation

When the decision is final, you must not rush it. Try and set a convenient firm date that will be your last day at work at your job. Even if a two weeks’ notice is not obligatory at your place of working, it is still considered a professional courtesy. When you decide on the date, make sure to clearly state it in your letter of resignation.

Your Boss Should be the First to Know

If you have been working at the same position for a while, you probably have good relationships with your co-workers. However, this does not mean that you should go to them with your decision of quitting first. In case you are interviewing for a better job at another company, try not to share this with people who work with you in the moment. The most professional thing you can do is allow your boss to be the first one to know that you want to stop working for him/her.

Two Weeks Notice – Email Resignation Letter

Standart Two Weeks Notification Resignation

The conversation about quitting a job is not an easy task, so make sure you stay focused, calm and professional. Of course, every case is different, but you must always remain complimentary and arrange a meeting with your boss to let him know of the decision.

Do Not Lie to Your Boss

A brief conversation or written words that include complimentary phrases such as: I liked working with you, but I have been given a better opportunity…’ is a right choice for you when quitting a job. Being honest may be hard in these situations, but hiding your real reasons for leaving is highly unprofessional. If the reason you are leaving is bad conditions in the workplace, make sure you inform your boss of it. Perhaps this will serve as a tip of what they could improve in future.

Do Not Rush in Rejecting a Counter-Offer

If you are a long-term, good employee, it is highly possible that your boss decides to reply to your quitting with a counter-offer. This often happens in cases when your reason for quitting is a better salary or better working conditions. Even if your mind is set to the new job in another company, make sure to hear the boss’s offer out and reject it respectfully. After all, it is always smart to stay in good terms with your previous employers.

Use Talking Points

Surely, imagining your conversation always seems easy and courageous in your head, but when it comes to the real thing, quitting a job is a real drag. Write down and practice a few good talking points that will help you start and lead the conversation. And of course, remember to be nice, complimentary and truthful to your ex-employer to be.

Work the Last Two Weeks

Of course, the last two weeks will be difficult to you since you know you will no longer work in the company, but you should never allow yourself to become bad at your work simply because you are leaving the workplace. Maintaining the high level of professionalism is not only a good ethic, but also can lead you to better results. You have not really done a professional courtesy towards the company if you spend the last two weeks doing nothing.

The last two weeks are not only time for saying goodbye to people you see every day. As a good employee, you must distribute projects to colleagues, provide them with detailed information on clients and projects and forward them important emails. You could also introduce them to clients they have not met before but would have to work with instead of you.

If possible, always finish the tasks you have started. Going into the trouble of explaining every step of the way to another colleague can take up much more time than simply finishing the project by yourself.

Say Goodbye

If you have worked at one place for a while, you surely have found friends that you will continue meeting after you leave. However, there are always those colleagues that you respect and see daily, but are not close enough to schedule a next meeting. This is why you should make sure to say goodbye to everyone you worked with. After all, it is always an advantage to be close to people in your field of work.

Resigning from a workplace should not be seen as a torture, especially since it is quite common. People find better jobs and opportunities often and when this moment comes, you must finish that chapter of your life with dignity. Have a look at the abovementioned tips on how to quit your job and write a two weeks’ notice letter and continue on your life journey as a worry-free person.

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