Unusual ways to make money

You may really be surprised that you can make money in a way you never thought. Most people now realize that fulltime employment is not the best way of making money. Here, a handful of unusual and odd ways to make extra money is outlined.

  • Participate in clinical trials

You may not know it but participating in clinical trials can earn you big dough. Oftentimes, clinical trials are intended for people with specific medical conditions but also there could be opportunities for healthy adults to participate.

Participating in clinical trials is more of being a guinea pig but if you do not mind, you can search on the National Institutes of Health database but remember to search under “healthy” or “normal”. 

  • Walk some dogs and even clean them up

People love their pets but they often do not have time to take care of them. You can make some money on daily walking of dogs. Tell families around that you are available for dog walking services. You can even post the advert in online services like Craiglist.  More so, you can go extra length to make yourself available for cleaning up dog’s excrement. If you can handle the dirt, this can pay you some cash.

Unusual ways to make money 3

  • Baby-sit some homes

Usually people babysit kids to earn money but you can also babysit homes. Babysitting a house is more convenient as you will not have to talk at a person and be talked back at. Some people do not pay for babysitting a home and in the end of the day the reward is some rooms. Make sure you search for home babysitting service that can pay. You can even combine this with lawn mowing and handyman services and get some extra dough.

Unusual ways to make money 1

  • Open online store

With a little creativity, you can open online store these days. Sites like Etsy, Café Press and Zazzle have made this easy. Simply take advantage of such features online and make some money in online stores.

  • Become a translator

Translators make a lot of money. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, translating is the fifth fastest growing occupation in the world. If you are multilingual, you are already hotcakes for translating profession. You may not leave your present job to become a translator, there are lots of freelance websites that allow you to meet with clients in other parts of the world and even in your neighborhood who need your service. A good example of such a website is Gengo.com, Guru.com, Elance.com and so forth.

Unusual ways to make money 2

  • Work as a customer service representative at home

Customer service representatives do not necessarily stay in the company. Some companies outsource their customer calls to representatives who work from home. You can locate such companies and take advantage of their services.

  • Join a focus group

Joining a focus group is an easy way to make money. Some companies pay customers in order to get feedbacks from them on their products and services. Some also pay customers to get new ideas and their thoughts about specific issues on their products. You can opt in for this by searching for focus groups online. Sites like FindFocusGroups.com, PlazaResearch.com and so forth can go a long way in helping you.

Unusual ways to make money 4

You can do a number of other things to make money with ease such as participating in surveys, entering contests and sweepstakes, locating gigs online and so forth.

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