US Military Acknowledges it Targeted Wrong House in Kabul Drone Strike

The American military has admitted it never found the ISIS safe house it targeted in a drone strike that killed 10 innocent civilians during the hasty U.S. withdrawal from Kabul, The New York Times reports.

The strike occurred on Aug. 27, five days before American troops pulled out of the country.

It was one of the last acts of a mission that had gone on for nearly 19 years, and U.S. officials have since acknowledged that they hit the wrong house.

The American military told the Times that it couldnt find any evidence that the house was the base of an active ISIS cell.

The Times reports that Afghan investigators have so far been unable to find conclusive evidence that the house was an active ISIS base, either.

According to the Times, U.S. officials think that militants may have taken over the house after the Americans killed its previous occupants.

Some of the victims families have received compensation from the American military, but others have not, as officials are still investigating if they were involved in the attack.

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