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The water has a vital importance for living things in order to maintain their life. It is the component which keeps the creatures alive starting from the smallest microorganism to largest animal in the earth. It also covers the seventy percent of our world and it is one of the main components of the human body as well. All of the animals need to drink it apart from the turtles which managed to convert the fat they stored in their shell to a drinkable fluid.

Although they can live without drinking it, they still produce it within their own system to stay alive. Despite the fact that, most parts of our world is covered with it, only 0.3 percent of these fluids can be drunk. 80 countries in the world have some troubles with this issue which corresponds to the 40 percent of the world population. The consumption of this fluid doubles between the years of 1940 and 1980 due to the rapid growth in the population. Although our population increases in each year, the sources never increases and being consumed by the rest of the world.

Drinking it has numerous health benefits such as it is required for our brain functions. 83 percent of our blood consist of this fluid and it helps us to regulate our body temperature which is why we drink more of it during the hot days. In addition to these, it protects our joints, as well as 22 percent of our bones, are made up with water.

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