What’s Going on with the Vacant Pier One Building in Clarksburg?

WEST VIRGINIA, CLARKSBURG (WDTV) – The residents of Emily Drive have been curious about the vacant Pier One building and lot in the NewPointe development for a number of months now.

The job of dismantling everything was carried out by Parrotta Paving and Excavating.

Construction of Tidal Wave Auto Spa to Begin in December

Jimmy Marino, who is the mayor of Clarksburg, claims that the location will soon be home to a new company.

Jimmy Marino, the mayor of Clarksburg, stated that plans are being developed for a vehicle wash in the city. Time will fly by very rapidly if they construct it at the same breakneck pace at which they dismantle it.

According to Marino, construction on the new car wash that will be called the Tidal Wave Auto Spa will begin in the beginning of December. The management of the project will be handled by W.R. Newman & Associates, Inc.

According to Marino, the sum of $3.5 million was determined by looking at the building permit for the car wash.

Marino discusses a car wash that has modern features in this segment. Even though it won’t get the same amount of attention as when a LongHorn or Olive Garden opens, I’m happy about it, and I think everyone else ought to be as well.

This is due to the fact that it is a component of a longer-term trend of ongoing strong growth as well as the opening of new enterprises. Not only that, but they are investing in Clarksburg, which is wonderful news for the city, as was mentioned by Marino earlier.

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Beginning with the B&O building, Marino was quoted as saying that “This will bring in money for city services for as long as it remains.”

They choose the city because they believe it offers the best opportunity for financial success. They wouldn’t have risked their money in such a well-known location if they didn’t think it would be worthwhile in the long run.

Marino: City Has Profited Greatly From Multiple Enterprises

According to Marino, the addition of the new company to the already broad assortment of enterprises in NewPointe and Eastpointe, which is located directly next door, is a positive development.

He stated that the city has profited greatly from the creation of multiple enterprises that produce millions of dollars each year after COVID’s termination more than a year after the program’s conclusion.

It was emphasized by Marino that the work that is being done is “huge for the city and, once more, for the region.” In the not-too-distant future, I believe there will be an increase in the number of new firms.


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