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Without doubt, one of the most eagerly anticipated times of the year is Easter, with the fun and games, the spring time cheer and the mountain of chocolate that simply must be eaten. But even for the most excited kids, it is important that the Easter holiday celebrations are properly arranged, with perhaps some extra features thrown in.

It might seem that celebrating the Easter holiday is straightforward, but in fact there is some effort needed. The traditional hunt for colored Easter eggs cannot be ignored, but kids today do look for more than the ordinary. Luckily, between party games, making the decorations and creating a great Easter dinner there is no shortage of possibilities to make every Easter a memorable one.


Decorations are a huge part of any party but, when celebrating the Easter holidays, it is making the decorations that is the most popular aspect. Bright colours and paints are essential, since the holiday is a celebration of spring, but while painting eggs to hide in the yard is essential, there are other decorations to consider.

Kids love to create, and so by cutting out shapes of Easter bunnies, spring flowers, and even farm animals, like sheep, cows and pigs, they can have hours of fun painting the shapes in. The family theme is also a favorite, with paper crafts used to create finger puppet families.

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Party Games

Arguably, the most popular game of the Easter holiday celebrations is the traditional egg hunt, something that came originally from Europe but which is now considered as American as apple pie. Of course, the hunt itself, with Easter eggs hidden around the back yard or even inside the home, is only part of the fun. Actually painting the eggs is as much looked forward to by kids as the hunt itself, and ensures an exciting build up to the Easter Sunday activities.

Other party games for the day are the Jelly Bean Trail, where jelly beans trail along the floor, leading the kids to a prize. A lot of jelly beans are needed, with numerous trails in different colours leading to different prizes. Of course, other candies can be used if there are not enough beans, but the idea remains the same.

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Special Dinner

Since it is a family occasion, having an Easter dinner is as important a part of the celebrations as the eggs. Many home owners like to decorate the dinner table with the right colors, adding items that are red, white and brown. With the Easter holiday celebrations so colorfully themed, it is easy to keep the party mood going.

Ham with pineapple rings is amongst the favorite dishes, along with baked ham with sweet potatoes and stuffing. However, for something different an Easter Bunny pizza is a popular alternative. For desert, cupcakes can be decorated with tiny chocolate Easter eggs, while marshmallows can be cut to bunny shapes too.