Zach Parker: The Fighter to Watch in the Super Middleweight Division

One of the fighters to watch in the super middleweight division is Zach Parker. He is aware of the fact that not all of the credit should be given to him for the quantity of ticket sales he brings in. He has fought 22 times and has never been defeated, compiling a record of 22 wins and 16 knockouts.

In order for him to face Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, he needs to win just one more fight. However, the people who live in the home country are the ones that put in the long hours of labour. Tina, who is his mother, is always the first person to provide assistance.

This upcoming Saturday, at the 02 Arena in London, Parker will compete against John Ryder of England for the WBO global interim super middleweight championship. The victor will have the opportunity to challenge Mexican Alvarez for one of the four world titles he currently has.

Even though Parker is on the verge of becoming excellent enough to compete for global titles, he continues to assist his mother in selling tickets despite the fact that he is on the verge of becoming a rising star in his sport.

Parker Aims For Knockout Performances To Boost Ticket Sales

Parker told ESPN, “To get to the point that I am at today required a lot of effort on my part. I began by performing in intimate settings and generating revenue through the sale of my own concert tickets.”

“I am a switch-hitter who aims for knockout performances to boost ticket sales, and I have a lot of admirers in and around Derbyshire. Ticket sales are directly correlated to performance. “During my fight against Demetrius Andrade, I was able to sell 10,000 tickets, and I anticipated that 30,000 spectators would show up at Derby County’s stadium.

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Even now, I handle the sales of tickets myself, with assistance from my mother, Tina. In point of fact, she performs the majority of the tasks and takes care of all of my errands while carrying the tickets.

“Mom handles the most of it, and Instagram and Twitter are two of the primary channels via which we sell tickets these days. People used to find me through posters that I put up throughout town with my contact information on them, but these days most of them find me through social media.

“In the event that it is not possible for anyone to obtain their tickets at the location I have set up for them to meet, my mother will mail them out to those individuals.

Parker Plans to Make a Bet on the Ryder Battle

“I’m going to make a wager of one thousand dollars on the Ryder battle. Because of the high cost of lodging in London, at a time when many people are struggling to make ends meet, I’ve decided to take my struggle elsewhere, namely to Derby. We had a couple cars ready to transport them here for the battle, but they had already left by the time we finished setting up.

“My mother has never abandoned me in times of need. When I was first getting started, she advised me to concentrate on pursuing my goals rather than looking for work. To make up for what she owes me, I intend to compete for a world championship and earn a lot of money. My loved ones and I place a high priority on one another.”

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Parker, whose father Darren was a professional boxer in the late 1980s and early 1990s who fought people like Chris Eubank, is getting close to getting a fight for a major world title that will pay a lot of money.

This comes after the disappointment of missing out on the opportunity to fight American boxer Demetrius Andrade earlier this year. Because of a shoulder issue, Rhode Island native and former WBO middleweight champion Andrade, who is now 34 years old, withdrew from a fight scheduled to take place in May against Parker. He hasn’t divulged much information regarding his upcoming bout as of yet.

Parker has been successful thus far in his career, as evidenced by the fact that he has won five consecutive fights via knockout. On the other hand, owing to the delay with Andrade, he hasn’t boxed in the past year.

Parker to Maintain Top Boxing Position with Win Against Ryder

If Parker is successful against Ryder, who hails from London and has a record of 31-5 with 17 knockouts, he will maintain his position as the top boxer in the WBO rankings. Parker explained that he hadn’t done anything for a long time because he couldn’t be held responsible for what had happened.

“Andrade claimed that he was unable to compete because he had injured his shoulder, but I have not seen any scans that demonstrate that he was injured. I believe that he intentionally avoided a confrontation with me in England for some unknown reason.

“Because Andrade was not there, we were unable to determine whether or not he would engage in combat or schedule a new date. Therefore, I will be going up against John Ryder rather than Andrade. It’s a superior matchup all around, especially considering that Ryder is more likely to be around for the duration of the fight than Andrade is.

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“I really wanted to face Andrade because he is a two-division world champion, and because it would have been a fantastic opportunity to show off my skills and get acknowledged in the boxing world if I had been able to compete against him.

“Everyone wants me to fight Canelo, but before I can do that, I have to win a few more fights like this one. No matter what Canelo does, Parker will become the undisputed world champion if he is successful in his bout against Ryder.

If that happens, Canelo will have to defend his title against Dmitry Bivol at the light heavyweight level, which means he will have to step up in weight. Patience is a characteristic that is required at the elite level, when the rules are established by well-known people and you are expected to follow them.”


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